Installing TopoJSON and GDAL on Windows

Here are instructions for installing topojson and GDAL binaries for Windows 8. These tools are helpful if you want to mess around with map visualizations in d3.js. Parts of these instructions are taken from this helpful stackoverflow thread.

  1. Install GDAL and MapServer binaries from this location at This was the latest stable version as of 8/8/2015.
  2. On my machine, gdal was installed to <location of unzipped archive>\bin\gdal\apps. The batch file in the root of the install should set paths correctly.
  3. Install nodejs from
  4. Install npm using the directions on
  5. From the command prompt run npm install –g topojson
  6. On my machine, this installed topojson to C:\Users\Nathan\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\topojson\bin

Interesting shapefile data can be found at, as explained in this excellent tutorial.

Author: natebrix

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