NFL Fantasy Football Statistics in CSV Format

You can find commonly used stats for NFL players in CSV format for the 2010, 2011, 2012 NFL seasons at this location.

For each season there are seven files:

  • QB: quarterback data.
  • RB: running backs.
  • WR: wide receivers.
  • TE: tight ends.
  • K: kickers. Attempts and made field goals are broken out by distance in separate columns.
  • Def: defensive stats by team.
  • ST: special teams stats by team.

Updated 8/21/2013: Added the 2010 season.


Author: natebrix

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5 thoughts on “NFL Fantasy Football Statistics in CSV Format”

  1. Hello Nathan,

    I downloaded a few of your NFL csv files for 2011 and perused them. I found them most interesting and was wondering if you would allow direct access to your one drive from excel.


  2. You are awesome! Did you collect all of the data yourself using crawlers or was there another source that you pulled it from i.e. yahoo or espn APIs?

    And what a fitting coincidence that you happen to be a developer for the excel solver! Hahaha.

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