2012 NFL Statistics by player and Team in CSV format

I have downloaded stats for the recently completed 2012 NFL regular season from yahoo.com, cleaned the data, and saved in CSV format. The files are located here. The column headers should be self-explanatory.

There are seven files:

  • QB: quarterback data.
  • RB: running backs.
  • WR: wide receivers.
  • TE: tight ends.
  • K: kickers. For the yardage columns, the first entry indicates FG made, the second attempted. So 4-5 means 4 made out of 5 from the distance range.
  • Def: defensive stats by team.
  • ST: special teams stats by team.

I have also provided a spreadsheet that combines all of the above.


Author: natebrix

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16 thoughts on “2012 NFL Statistics by player and Team in CSV format”

  1. Do you still have these files available? I just stumbled upon your work. I am a huge sports fan so the work you have with the NCAA among others is really cool? I was looking to see if you had the CSV files for the NFL data as i am looking to use this for a School Project. Thank you!

    1. For some reason my skydrive account has been taken offline. I am contacting support to have it fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. I clicked on the link you provided, but was unable to view or find your CSV files. If you still have them could you make the files available?

  3. Thank you for helping me out. This really saves me the frustration of pulling the data myself. I appreciate it!

  4. I wish I would have found your files 1st. I have a file I created that shows the breakdown of the scoring allowed per week by the different defenses. Yahoo uses this information to award a certain number of points for team defense so this info may be valuable for a league commissioner.


  5. This is the greatest thing ever. Thank you for this. It isn’t possible to get the data on a game-by-game breakout, is it?

    1. Unfortunately I don’t have that, Dan. A couple of years ago I wrote some code to try and scrape the play-by-play info but I never quite got it working as well as I would have liked.

    1. Hi there – I don’t write any code to do this. I just copy-paste from yahoo and massage the data using Excel (Text to Columns + a couple of simple formulas + “flash fill”).

  6. This is outstanding. Thank you so much for organizing this data! If you plan on updating during the season, that would be great! Let me know if you need any help.

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