Resource constrained scheduling; OML tutorials

Two weeks back I posted two articles showing how easy it is to model critical path scheduling using Microsoft Solver Foundation.  I received a few emails asking about various extensions; I will be covering those in upcoming posts.  Julian just wrote a great blog post that covers the most commonly requested extension – resource constrained scheduling.  If you are getting started with Solver Foundation and want to see an interesting, instructive example, I encourage you to check out his post.  Two things that I really like about his OML:

  1. He separates the data from the model description using Parameters.
  2. He relies on the Foreach construct to define his constraints.  It results in a very clean model definition.

Julian mentions it in his post, but I also want to call out another great resource for learning OML.  Erwin Kalvalagen has written an OML tutorial which includes several interesting examples.  It’s a great complement to the Excel Programming Primer that is part of the Solver Foundation documentation.


Author: natebrix

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